IMMO’s standard product range consists of a wide selection of motorised mobility aids for a long list of industries. Aids that have been developed on the basis  of many years of close collaboration with professional experts who have experienced these daily challenges first-hand. Among other things, we have developed electric scooters, trailers and motorised solutions for food linen and cleaning carts.

The service industry is one of many industries where IMMO relieves and prevents mobility challenges on a daily basis by offering technical aids with powerful electric motors. The Danish Working Environment Authority’s guidelines describe in detail the challenges, which the service industry faces on a daily basis. We adapt the motor solution in such a way that the mobility aid eases the physical burden that manual work often entails, see WEA Guideline D.3.1.

Our goal is to create solutions that relieve the employee regardless of physical limitations, while also reducing the costs for the companies. For the employees, this means  that they are not physically drained at the end of a working day, and that they have energy left to enjoy their leisure time together with family and loved ones.

For companies, this means reducing the costs associated with sickness absences and optimising working procedures on a daily basis. This sets them apart from the competition and ultimately gives the employees the best conditions to carry out their work effectively.  Those companies who can offer this  will find that they can employ optimal resources for carrying out manual work.

From a political perspective, there is pressure to raise the retirement age in line with an increasingly ageing population, which is why companies need to invest in improving the working environment and employee well-being. An early investment in mobility aids can ease the burden and prevent excessive strain and burn-out, thereby reducing the risk of lasting injuries.

The following service industries have benefited from our mobility aids:

– Hotel
– Mass caterers
– Conference centres
– Cafeterias
– Facility management
– Cleaning
– Human resource management

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