Mobility aids that make working more effective, relieve and prevent mobility problems for employees in the health and care sector. It is important for everyone to feel that they have done something meaningful in their working day. At IMMO, we are motivated and energised by developing machines that relieve the strain in the working environment and optimise working methods, so that employees in the health and care sector experience greater well-being  and productivity.

The aim is constantly to create solutions, either for existing equipment or machines built from scratch – both for private individuals and for general use. Our solutions are optimised to offer a break from the daily routine for the benefit of both employees and employers. This is why we say that we work for the free movement of people.

Sales and development of electric scooters were the cornerstone in IMMO’s start-up. Some 50 years later, we can offer a wide product range in  electric-powered mobility aids, which relieve employees in the health and care sector. This contributes towards better workplaces and a healthier working environment for the many employees, with the goal being to prevent immobility.

Hence the name IMMO.



Fundamental to our range are the products from our many years of innovative and developmental processes, which are built in close partnership with the health sector. This work has seen us grow from being a manufacturer of electric scooters to being  specialists in  working solutions, which tackle head-on the problem of sickness absence in the health and care sector.

We are agile, with a broad product assortment of machines, such as the popular Translet models for lab technicians or blood collection vehicles, electric scooters, auxiliary engines, trailers and bed transporters, which are always supplied in an extremely high quality. Our machines are well-known for lasting for many years, and we are committed to ensuring a high recycling rate in order to strengthen the circular economy.

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