Improve your working environment by using a Q-dozer to transport carts in sport arenas and industrial buildings.

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Product description

Lifting and transporting heavily loaded carts can be difficult and time consuming, while increasing the risk of overstraining muscles and joints. With a Q-dozer, you reduce the risk of injury and visual impairment by optimizing the working environment, increasing efficiency at the same time.

Q-dozers are the answer for everything from transport of carts to pallets in industrial buildings. They can handle elevations up to 10% depending on the surface. The standard version can pull up to 800 kg. on plain, level floor.

When transporting a cart, place the dozer underneath, then the gripper arm can be lifted by using a contact placed on the control box. The dozer can then pull and push heavy load carts or other items.

The only requirement is that the carriage has wheels on. Even on soft floors in sport arenas, where it may be a challenge, the dozer can transport carts. On the steering box, which is located on the steering wheel, a throttle is placed, where you can choose between front or rear gear.

A charger is included as standard. The charging plug is located on the motor box.

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