Heavy industry and construction

We are experts in motorised mobility aids

We relieve and prevent mobility problems for employees in heavy industry and construction. A healthy working environment, combined with optimisation, is a key aspect of companies’ competitiveness. Being able to retain skilled staff while also optimising efficiency gives good results for both employee and employer, which is why  we say that we work for the free movement of the companies.

Sales and development of electric scooters were the cornerstone in IMMO’s start-up. Some 50 years later, we can offer a diverse product assortment within electric-powered mobility aids, which  relieve the strain on people employed in heavy industry and construction, where repeated moving and lifting of materials is a normal part of the working day. IMMO gives Danish and foreign workplaces a better working environment for the many employees working in construction and heavy industry, with the aim of preventing immobility.

Hence the name IMMO.


Solid partnership and broad product assortment

At the root of IMMO’s range are products, which are the result of our innovative and developmental processes in collaboration with solid partnerships with construction and industrial customers. Over the company’s lifetime, we have switched our main focus from being on electric scooters to working more broadly within electric-powered  solutions.

The assortment ranges from private label/OEM to custom-built solutions for all purposes, where a machine can relieve and streamline heavy working processes for the employees. Danish working environment regulations impose precise requirements in this area. We offer an extensive and wide-ranging product assortment that gives our customers multiple options at competitive prices, depending on individual needs. We are agile, as we can quickly design and produce a machine on the basis of our many years of experience with issues related to the working environment. This means that we can ensure a timely and specially adapted solution to the challenges that the customer may be facing.

IMMO has also created an innovative environment together with ergo-therapists and physiotherapists as well as other people with the relevant competencies, which creates a good synergy with our  customers’ needs.

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