IMMO has many years of experience in the handling of PRM passengers and, together with a Danish airport, has developed a mobile hoist, ErgoPort, which in an ethical manner and with consideration for the working environment, is able to handle the increasing stream of PRM passengers with special needs.

We are especially proud of this machine, as it serves two main purposes: these being to enable airports and aviation companies to comply with EU legislation, which imposes requirements  on airlines to ensure that passengers with special needs are treated equally. This creates the opportunity for people’s free movement regardless of their physical limitations.



IMMO’s ErgoPort hoist can effectively transport PRM passengers directly into their plane seat regardless of where it is located inside the plane in under 7 minutes.

It also means that the specially qualified staff, who are trained in assisting  PRM passengers, have the best working conditions during the move, which results in a healthy working environment and thus promotes free movement for the companies.

Another area where IMMO asserts its importance in the aviation industry is with its specially adapted cargo machines, which fulfil all the requirements imposed by airports.

IMMO’s generally high quality in Danish-manufactured machinery complies with the many requirements, which airports place on this type of solution. Functionality, ease of use, user friendliness and long uptimes are just some of the keywords we need to address when designing our solutions. We are only too happy to do this in collaboration with the users.

We custom-design solutions for carts, trolleys and other electric-powered equipment, e.g. lifting equipment, which can ease the work and optimise the daily tasks that are involved when moving between different areas in an airport. An airport often covers great distances, and here our strength is the special ergonomic and physiological competencies, which IMMO brings into play during product development of a machine or other demand-driven product.

The goal is always to relieve the physical strain for employees, so that they can maintain their mobility, thereby minimising sickness absences.

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