We are IMMO


At IMMO we are passionate about

relieving and preventing complications concerning immobility by developing motorised aids for improved mobility for OEM, the health care, building, service and industrial sectors.

We produce custom made solutions at our own facilities in Denmark. Our products have proven their value and durability throughout the company’s life span, which is more than 50 years. We have open, honest and long-term collaborative relationships with our clients.

Movement is life and the ability to move freely is vital in order to express oneself as a person.

Our values

We preserve quality
IMMO is the new name, but we will still preserve the quality of our products as the company has done for the past 50 years.

We engage ourselves
IMMO practices an open, inventive company culture that encourages us into seeking, developing and taking responsibility for all social classes and lines of business.

We develop
IMMO is agile, adaptable and innovative in its production and product development and constantly ready for new assignments. In that way we attract, keep and develop qualified employees.

We respect each other
IMMO is an attractive and inclusive company where personal and professional differences are respected and appreciated and where all employees are equally valued.

We want to win
IMMO is a competitive company that produces products worth paying extra for. IMMO is ambitious and realistic in its objectives that, together with its competent employees, take on a shared responsibility for the goals.

IMMO through the years


The start-up of UB-Let in 1967 was based on a need that arose in the life of the founder, after a motorcycle accident in the late 50’s left the young man without the ability to move and do his job. In the years after his accident, the founder developed a motorised electric scooter that served as the starting point for the realization of the company’s set of values from 1967. In the decades leading up to the 80’s, the company grew heavily due to a large demand for mobility solutions. The company outgrew their premises at that time and it was decided in 1996 to build a new factory on Friis Hansens Vej 9 in Vejle.


To this day IMMO is still located on that address, but IMMO has developed from an electric scooter machine manufacturer into also being a prominent player in the field of custom fabrication with 15 standard products designed to relieve everyday work environment problems in all lines of business. In addition to that, IMMO has developed into a strong, innovative, user-based manufacturer of special solutions – custom-designed machines that relieve Danish and international work environment problems. The primary objective is to secure private companies, as well clients from the public sector, a good ROI (return of investment) through the optimization of work procedures, routines and a decrease in sickness absence.

That is why we have chosen to change the name IMMO in order to anticipate the increasing interest from abroad for our standard program, as well as our customized solutions that are developed through a strong, user-based, innovative collaboration with our clients at home and abroad.

We develop and produce motor solutions for the following for a broad selection of industries

Data centres
Hospitals and nursing care sectors
Industry and the building trade
Paralympic sports
Rehab and depots for technical aids

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