Rehab and mobility aids depots


Since its foundation in 1967, IMMO has been driven by one goal: to give immobile people the opportunity to move around freely. This continues to be our basis for existence today,  more than 50 years later.

Our product range is aimed at everyone, from children from 6 years of age to bariatric users.

We develop scooters and auxiliary engines for wheelchairs, so that the immobile person can come out of their usual surroundings, be social and thus engage with the world around them.

This also relieves the burden for care staff by offering them valuable assistance in heavy lifting.

We manufacture, install and service auxiliary engines for wheelchairs, hospital beds and nursing beds. Our engines can handle up to 400 kg. Obesity is a rapidly growing global challenge. This highlights the importance of developing machines that can relieve residents’ and patients’ carers and increase the opportunities for the user.

At IMMO, we believe that everyone has the right to be social, and to be able to get out and experience the world. With our electric solutions, we contribute towards making this happen.

We tailor machines according to individual needs in collaboration with the users and our collaborative partners in the fields of physiotherapy and ergotherapy.

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