BedPower Maxi

BedPower Maxi is a motorised solution that can control and move with bariatric beds with a combined weight of up to 750 kg. 

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Product description

BedPower Maxi is an auxiliary engine for fitting on bariatric hospital beds to ease the burden of the employees 

BedPower Maxi is manufactured with high functionality in mind, to improve the physical working environment for porters and other healthcare personnel who need to move around bariatric beds. 

BedPower Maxi is designed specifically for hospital beds, where the fact that healthcare personnel are constantly on the go has been central throughout the entire development process. For example, the driver is always oriented in the driving direction/moving forwards, so they have the best possible view of surroundings. What’s more, BedPower Maxi consists of two engines which are mounted on either side of the bed so that the bed can turn on its own axle and thereby ensure a high driving comfort and flexibility. 

As space can be tight, BedPower Maxi takes advantage of unused space under the bed and only increases the bed’s outer dimensions to a limited extent. This ensures that the bed can still be brought into elevators and so on, just as it would if the auxiliary engine was not mounted. 

The user interfaces are kept clear and intuitive. The functions relevant to driving are set via the accelerator box, which is located on the handlebar. The speed and driving direction are determined steplessly using the accelerator arm on the underside of the accelerator box. 

At IMMO A/S, customer satisfaction is paramount. This is why we are always on-hand to advise and adapt solutions at our factory in Vejle, Denmark. If you are tackling small or large transport challenges that cannot be covered by a standard solution, we can tailor individual solutions in partnership with the customer. 

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