IMMO custom-designs prototypes for all kinds of purposes and wishes.

We begin the design phase by presenting a design proposal as a solution to a given challenge, WEA inspection ruling or similar. IMMO submits a price for development work on a prototype followed by a manufacturing price for total delivery of a specific quantity of machines.

Our many years of experience with developing machinery, combined with our skills within ergonomics and physiology, give us a good end result, where IMMO has considered every angle of the challenge and the working environment or a ruling from the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA).

Our agile manufacturing plant can handle all types of electric-powered mobility aids, which relieve many valuable employees in a wide range of industries based on a need to solve a working environment issue, which often also results in the optimisation of operations. This is why we say that we are hugely motivated in our daily work towards promoting the free movement of companies.

Our starting point is to offer free movement for everyone, just as it was back in 1967, when the need for one person’s innovative ideas developed into a product that would give mobility to immobile people. This starting point is deeply ingrained for us, which is why we are always open to new ideas that could give people freedom of movement, regardless of their physical limitations.

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