In connection with the 18th birthday of HRH Crown Prince Frederik, a special edition of coins were sold and the profit was, as requested by the Crown Prince, given to the development of a new sport for the handicapped.

We picked up the challenge and created the all new electric hockey game that is played with four participants on each team. The game is unique because it allows handicapped people, even those with a strong handicap, to experience fun, action and togetherness in a completely new way.

We have continued to develop the invention since then and the goal is to pass the sport on to everyone, no matter the body. At the moment, we have more than 1000 functioning carts and we are working hard on getting even more ready, as it gives spastics and those suffering from muscular dystrophy and other handicaps a fun and action driven team sport.

When we say “no matter the body”, it is because everyone can play regardless of whether you are handicapped or not.

To us it makes so much sense to work with mobility. And that is why we say that everyday we work for the free movement of people.


Volt Hockey in Toronto

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