In Volt Hockey you only encounter obstacles in the form of opponents and players, and sometimes the referee.

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Product description

Volt Hockey is the ultimate team sport for physically handicapped children and young adolescents. It is played by children with many different types of handicap from around the age of six. What they all have in common is the love for speed and the appreciation of the community and friendships across the clubs.

Many players deal with great physical limitations in their everyday lives. But on the volt hockey court they only face challenges in the form of opponents and teammates – and sometimes the judge.

The game is played in three-man teams in lively, little carts that are controlled by a joystick. The joystick can be placed in different positions depending on the player. The chair has a stick attached on the front, so it is the movement of the chair that guides the ball around on the 14×20 meter field.

Volt hockey is played in three divisions. In the first division there are high demands for technique, understanding of the game and the handling of the chair, whereas the second and the third division are played at an entirely different pace where there is room for everyone.

Watch: Volt Hockey in Toronto


The VoltHockey chair as an activity tool

The volt hockey chair allows the user to be part of a team in entertaining surroundings and it also gives access to different experiences, like tournaments, which are held among the clubs in Denmark, but also abroad.

In addition, the volt hockey chair allows the user to participate in physical education classes with their classmates in a new and active way and to be a bigger part of the class community.



Electric hockey is played under Parasport Denmark with clubs all over the country. The individual clubs provide the HockeySport chair to their members, but it can also be granted pursuant to section 100 of the Social Services Act. All clubs train at least once a week.

Visit a club near you and hear more about electric hockey and how the HockeySport chair works. For further information about the clubs, training schedules and contact persons, visit www.volthockey.dk

Clubs in Denmark
Jutland: Aabenraa, Gørding, Herning, Skive, Aarhus, Viborg, Aalborg and Vejle (under formation)
Funen: Odense
Zealand and the isles: Rødovre and Brønshøj
International clubs can be found in: Norway, Sweden, Germany, USA and Canada


VoltHockey chair – the technical part

The HockeySport chair, which is moulded in beech veneer, is available in three sizes – Medio, Maxi and Maxi+. What they have in common is that they are easy to separate without using tools. The chair is easy to transport.

A joystick, which can be placed on either the right or the left side or in the middle of the chair, is easily adjustable to the the user’s needs. It is used to control the chair and and the pace and direction of the ball.

The chair, which can go up 15 km/h, is adjustable to the individual user’s needs with a headrest, pillows, respirator holder, etc. The individual adjustment is made in collaboration with the player’s occupational therapist.


Volt Hockey in Toronto


Interview with players
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